Renley Quality Statement

Renley Quality Statement

Renley Ltd. is committed to providing products and services which meet or surpass our customers current and future expectations.

Renley Ltd. is an ISO-9001-2008 certified company since 1991 and we aim for zero defects in Manufacturing, while building quality and reliability into our products through excellence in design, workmanship and continuous improvement.

We operate to a formal Quality Management System (QMS) that meets the requirements of ISO-9001, as we believe that this is critical to the success of Innovation, our products, and our customers.

The key elements of this strategy are:
 A strong management commitment to quality
 Recruitment and retention of high calibre, experienced, well trained staff
 Appropriate documented processes, procedures and controls
 An ethos of continual improvement
 Meeting all necessary legal and regulatory requirements

Our objectives and expectations are for all our customers to have full confidence in Renley and build long-lasting partnerships with us, as their satisfaction is fundamental to the company’s long-term development. This will come from the efforts of each employee, in conjunction with supportive participation from all levels of management. Therefore Renley Ltd, its management and staff are committed to the above philosophy and objectives.

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