Renley is recognised throughout the industry as a trusted partner and knowledgeable advisor.

We apply our system integration, service and product experience, to help build SMART Technology solutions which offer energy-efficient, safe and secure distribution network infrastructure. Our passion, global outreach, and wealth of experience enables the creation of a fully interactive workforce dedicated to delivering quality and reliability, in what is a challenging environment.

Our commitment to serve our clients is based on collaboration and personal relationships. As designers and manufacturers of low and medium voltage electricity networks, we work closely with our customers to provide innovation and LEAN processes designed to deliver high quality solutions. We listen, Design and Build products that meet our client’s operational requirements in an auditable process that is highly responsive.

Through collaboration we can respond rapidly to key challenges and trends in the industry, such as the demand for greener renewable energy.

Renley products cover four key areas of the electrical distribution industry:

  • Protection
  • Isolation
  • Control
  • Management

We specialise in LV/MV Distribution Panels, Mini Pillars, FCU and Cabinets. All are manufactured to the highest international standards for Transformer, Pole and Wall Mounting applications across utility, industrial and commercial use. We also provide a number of selected medium voltage products, sourced from highly regarded manufacturers globally, in order to provide a comprehensive catalogue of electrical applications to our clients.

At Renley, we understand that energy and sustainability are key drivers of building performance. We combine our expertise, technology and service to lower operational costs and minimise risks, in order to reduce the overall environmental impact. We achieve this by leveraging our industry knowledge, procurement and supply experience, innovation and LEAN Engineering processes.