Innovation, collaboration, and research and development are critical components of a successful economic landscape

Our clients’ needs are at the heart of everything we do. Our design teams work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific and demanding requirements. Our constant aim is to deepen our own understanding of the challenges and technical demands that our clients face in the real world.

Embracing technology, collaborating with key stakeholders, and engaging with the wider industry enables us to deliver innovative technology when it is needed and with the assurance of the durability required for electrical equipment. Design and manufacturing work in integrated product teams delivers innovative solutions designed from the client’s requirements.

Through the implementation of Irelands’ Technology Gateway Network, Renley can leverage the expertise of over 300 industry-focused researchers, and access specialist testing equipment and facilities. This programme, run by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with the Technology Institutions of Ireland, enables Renley to interact with research in areas such as Energy Management and Design. Combining the knowledge and experience of our electrical distribution network teams with current cutting-edge research, allows Renley to successfully and efficiently extend product innovation to the realistic expectations of the industry.