Resilience and Planning – the key which enabled Renley support the Electricity Utilities Networks throughout Covid 19.

When Covid-19 struck in earnest in March 2020, this forced almost all businesses to close following the Government guidance – with the exception of essential service providers.  Renley recognised their key role in supplying such essential equipment to the Utility Networks both in Ireland and the United Kingdom.  So almost immediately the management team at Renley launched an emergency response plan in order to keep business flowing and deliveries on track in order to support their Customers.  The engineering team all transitioned to remote working, moving seamlessly through a carefully planned set of protocols. 

The production team moved to implement a set of procedures to allow for safe manufacturing of critical infrastructure equipment for the electricity networks in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

The Dunboyne facility has been able to respond rapidly to customer demands while the remote engineering team has continued to supply design engineering solutions working hand in glove with industry partners and customers.

“Planning and the commitment of the entire Renley team has got the company to where we are today. We have robust systems in place and will continue to meet the needs of our utility customers.” said Jim Rice, Director at Renley Limited

As the country begins the process of reopening and distribution, production and manufacturing industries get back to helping drive the economy forward, Renley will continue to innovate, design, and manufacture critical infrastructure to support our economic growth.